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Soseki Painting by Butterscotch25 Soseki Painting by Butterscotch25
This is also part of the 30 Day Harvest Moon Art Challenge.

Since I missed two days, I decided to do something a little different this time and tried my hand at speed painting. The total time it took me to do this was a little longer than the running time of the movie Brave. I really like how the hair came out (it’s a bit hard to tell, but I snuck in some gray hairs…!) but I think I could’ve blended the skin better. Or left the skin as it is, and put less detail into the hair. Either way, I think there’s too much contrast.
It looks good to me. The contrast works because he appears to be under a tree. The contrast comes off as the dappling of leaves and shadow, rather than an error on the artist's part. I like the grey hairs that peak out here and there. The hair is well done, it feels as if I could literally run my fingers through it.

However, the robe feels a little less defined. Also the tree in the far back, it could use a little more care. I'm not saying it should be sharply outlined, but at least a little more like the tree in the foreground. The one in the back is coming off more as a green cloud than leaves.

Keeping in mind that it was a speed painting, the overall impression is nice, and the hair really catches the eye. But you really could have used a little more detail on that far tree. It detracts a bit from the painting, more than the contrast I would say.
What do you think?
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January 13, 2013
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